OTC Series-Tube Cutters

Our clients can avail from us OTC Series-Tube Cutters, which are produced using advanced and high end technology available in market. These are operated manually, for cutting the tube, in a single revolution. Non ferrous tubes can be cut, with high precision, by using our cutters. Moreover ferrous tubes, which are thin walled, can also be cut through these.

  • As per the name the tool cuts the Non-Ferrous & thin walled Ferrous tube in One Turn Only.
  • This is a hand operated tool used with ratchet handle.
  • The cutting bit of this tool is eccentric in position because of this while entering in the tube which is to be cut it is in closed position but
    as the tool rotates in clockwise direction by ratchet handle, it comes out & contact with the I.D. of the tube. As rotating is continued It pierces the tube wall & shears the tube along the circumference.
  • This toll is fitted with adjustable collar to achive the required cutting length.
  • Standard adjustment reach is 6". The tools are available in the increments of 2" Upto 12"